Smartphone Video Production & Editing | Online Course in English

In mobile journalism, smartphone video has become an established go to media production workflow over the last couple of years. Mobile video production is fast, flexible and economical. Output quality of modern devices is excellent and getting better with every new product cycle. The mobile video journalism skillset is perfect for video production in internal-communications or PR.

For individuals, institutions or organizations working and operating internationally, mobile video offers an ideal means for sharing ideas, explaining procedures and training staff on the ground.

Our online courses focus on a hands-on approach. With 7+ years of experience in teaching Smartphone Video Production & Editing in on location seminars as well as distance-learning environments, we offer a customizable training tool-kit of 1/2 day, one day and two day courses.

What we will talk about

  • editorial formats of video production
  • specifics of shooting video with your phone
  • What kind of equipment makes sense…
  • …and how to use ist.
  • How to structure your video.
  • Useful advice for shooting interviews, on-camera statements and B-Roll
  • Editing video on your smartphone or tablet computer.

What you will learn

  • How to find a story
  • Efficient workflows for turning a story into video
  • Editing, rendering (and publishing)

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